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The programs below are used to solve the continuum equations derived from the kinetic theory by Jenkins and Richman (Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal., 1985). The cases considered are fully-developed granular flows between two parallel boundaries. The flow could be driven by the moving boundaries, or by body forces, or by both. The boundaries could be bumpy or flat but frictional. There could also be side walls in the vorticity direction. Solutions by these programs have been checked against computer simulations and, if possible, against experiments. For questions, contact Haitao Xu, who wrote these programs during his Ph.D. studies.

These programs are commented and should be self-explanatory.


There are two types of programs. The MATLAB programs are written for simpler cases and serve as test beds. The FORTRAN programs are more versatile.

  • fetaJR.m computes the shear viscosity.
  • fKJR.m computes the thermal conductivity.
  • fDissipJR.m computes the volumetric collisional energy dissipation rate.
  • demoCoef.m shows an example on how to use these MATLAB functions to compute the transport coefficients.
  • planeShear_JR.m solves the granular flow under planar shear.
  • demoCoef.m shows an example on how to use planeShear_JR.m.

Hua, Michel, Haitao May 28, 2003
From left to right: Hua Ma, Michel Louge and Haitao Xu at the May 2003 graduation.